Bayside Medicare Local Healthy Voices

The Client

Bayside Medicare Local

The Project

Healthy Voices - Community Communication Workshops

The Timing


The Description

Bayside Medicare Local wanted to empower people with an interest in health to influence, inform and inspire their local community.

Cuckoo Creative was engaged to develop an integrated communications strategy to deliver on this objective, consisting of naming and brand identity development, the creation and management of a series of free communication training workshops, networking events and an awards program.

We set to work…starting with the naming and visual identity – Healthy Voices, then creating a website and a series of training workshops that aimed to teach the art of communication as well as identifying, recruiting, selecting and inducting participants into the program.

We delivered eight training modules over eight weeks, then created a range of experiences to keep connected with the participants and to ensure they remained engaged with the process. We developed a series of networking events with relevant industry experts as keynote speakers, chosen to highlight different aspects of the Healthy Voices training content. The events also aimed to encourage participants to continue the conversation, stay connected and share their knowledge and ideas.

Then, we developed an awards program that highlighted the broad ranging application of the Healthy Voices training. The awards were to encourage and inspire participants to continue with their personal ventures outside of the program and to recognise their efforts during the training workshops.

Finally, we conducted an evaluation of the program through participant research.

The Most Interesting Bit

We were required to tap into all our skill sets to successfully deliver the Healthy Voices Program. From communication strategy development, naming and brand identity creation to building a bespoke training program, participant recruitment, event management, market research and reporting.

Above all, it was a humbling experience to get to know the program participants who were a diverse and dynamic bunch. Many were health professionals, whilst others had lived experience of mental illness, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and illiteracy. Catering to such diverse learners was a challenge but ultimately exceptionally rewarding. And helping them to publish their work was akin to watching a child take their first steps…a mixture of pride and nerves!

The Results

Following the workshops, Cuckoo Creative, conducted qualitative research to gain insights into the respondent’s attitudes and beliefs following their participation. In summary, the results of the survey showed that the Healthy Voices program has been a great success, with the majority of respondents completing the program in its entirety.

The information [content] of the workshops has proven to empower and up-skill participants in their knowledge of communicating in the online environment. As a result, the majority of respondents are actively planning their communication methods [blog, Facebook, website] to communicate their views to the local community more broadly and the health sector in particular.

They are now equipped with the skills required to generate productive discussion leading to positive outcomes in the community.