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There is a fine art to growing a brand. You need to balance the individual personality of a business with current trends and suitable style. Cuckoo can help you identify and research your client base to help you position your brand for maximum success.

From logo to marketing strategy we will ensure that your business objectives are always the focus. As consumer attention becomes harder to hold, our custom marketing plans will make sure your business is seen.

Brand Strategic Review

A strategic review of your brand isn’t just a fluff process that tells you things you already know. It’s a health check to make sure the things you are doing are working, and how to improve them further. There’s a reason why we’re still not wearing happy pants – things change. Your business identity needs to evolve, and regular business and brand strategy reviews keep you relevant.

Customer Insights

How well do you understand the trends and behaviours of consumers in your industry? We can help make your product or service as effective as possible, based on what your customers want. The outcome is a better understanding of what your customers think, leading to better targeting, more engagement and ultimately increased sales, which we know you will be happy with.

Crisis Communications

Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts. In the unfortunate event of a crisis, your customers want answers immediately. You not only have to have your response ready to go, it also needs to communicate that you are in control of the situation. The Cuckoo crisis response strategy ensures you have a clear and immediate response process in the event of an emergency.

Product Architecture

We know that you are an expert when it comes to your product. We are experts in design and communication, so we can make sure every element of your service is performed perfectly and that your offering matches the needs of the market. We’re like an Instagram filter for your business. You took a great photo, we make sure it looks its best.

Marketing Planning

Marketing budgets can very quickly blow out or be wasted on ineffective channels. Cuckoo will make sure that your marketing plan meets its objectives and above all, communicates to the right people. When it comes to marketing in today’s climate, it’s all about smarter, not harder, and we can achieve that for you.

Brand Re-Launch

Refreshing your brand can help to encourage new interest, and many businesses require an overhaul as part of their growth. A successful re-launch involves planning, research, and a brilliant marketing campaign, all of which are Cuckoo specialties.

Competitor Analysis

A crucial part of your marketing plan is the identification and evaluation of your competitors and their strategies. Determining their strengths and weaknesses helps to improve your own position. Our in-depth research and analysis skills will keep you across the competition so that you can stay ahead of them.

Start-up/Path to Market

We love nothing more than helping new businesses grow. You are our blank canvas, and we will work our magic to make sure you arrive with a bang and continue to grow. The preparation in bringing a product to market is intense, and a strategic plan is crucial. Luckily, we have the experience and are here to guide you every step of the way.


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