Our Philosophy

At Cuckoo, we are all about strategy.

We have a team of clear sky thinkers with a knack for seeing the right path amongst the clutter, giving our marketing, advertising, public relations and event specialists well defined goals to work to. With the end game known, the right creative treatments emerge more easily, and the tactics to deploy are clear.

Our Mission

We’re here to simplify your life.

In any business, there’s a lot to think about, and a lot to do. We’re great believers in letting experts handle the things that they are good at, where they can have the most influence and impact. That goes for you, and that goes for us. You will always be the expert at what you do, and we’ll collaborate with you to ensure we use your knowledge and insight to enhance our work.

We’re experts in advertising, marketing, public relations and events. So, we’ll create integrated solutions across multiple channels and look after everything from the big idea, to implementation, to evaluation. Leaving you free to look after what it is that you do best.

We get real results. Our service is great. And our solutions are practical, innovative, effective and accessible.

Our Brand Strategy Ethos

Brands have a persona

They must speak, respond and feel like a person. They don’t need to be friendly or empathetic (but this does help)

Authenticity is critical

Brands can’t try to be something they are not. People see through this straight away.

Brand Strategy must align with business need/goals

Building something that is fashionable but doesn’t deliver business results is pointless.

Brands need to be open and responsive in a crisis
  • Own the problem
  • Find a solution
  • Apologise
  • Be open

Live communication needs to focus on the attendee not the brand

It is about creating an emotional response. Do this and the rest will follow.

Brand communication needs to be consistent and informed.

It sounds simple and it is. Think and check before you act.