in their face experiential marketing

We create event and brand activation solutions that amaze, excite, and inspire.

Events are in our DNA. We have a long history of really successful public events, retail promotions, product launches, conferences, media events, and awards nights. We’re creative while being process driven, project management extraordinaires, masters of logistics, and leaders in risk management.

We’re never short of great ideas, using smart strategy and bucket loads of experience to come up with remarkable experiential event concepts.

What does this mean for you?

To start with we take care of it all; from planning and budgeting, through to creative direction, set design, staff management, and catering. Come show time our producers are ready for anything. They deftly handle set construction, health and safety planning, technical and AV requirements, and everything in between.

Business forums bring people together from relevant fields to share company vision, discuss strategy, collaborate, and generate ideas. These forums must be slick – busy executives hate nothing more than time wasting, and they’re often a tough crowd, having sat through many similar events. We ensure the experience hits the mark, with appropriate tempo, visual aids, breaks, refreshments and comfortable seating arrangements, and look to add that special something to make the day memorable for your event veterans.

Usually on a larger scale, we ensure that these events cater to the various demographics that may attend. We navigate complex stakeholder management and compliance regulations with ease and use our strategic insight to deliver experiences that truly connect people with your brand.

Positive presentation and a effective message delivery are important when running media events. We craft experiences that entice the media to attend then craft the message to engage them. Attendees at our media events leave with the burning desire to tell everyone about their experience and the new information they have received.

Launches should be exciting, impactful, and unique. First impressions do last and we excel and making sure that our launch events mean your brand story is in their psyche and spoken about months after the fact. With the identity of your brand in mind, there ain’t no party like a Cuckoo launch party.

What happens on tour certainly does not stay on tour where Cuckoo is concerned – our roadshows get people talking and that’s as it should be. We’re masters of logistics and can build modularised experiences that are seamless, efficiently spreading information across multiple locations.

Gone are the days when you could release a new product, throw an ad on the telly, and let the sales roll in. Today brands need to build a relationship with their customers, and what better way to do it than face-to-face. We develop and deliver exceptional customer facing promotions that deliver lasting value.

Bringing a brand to life within a retail environment is a specialised task – the logistics and risk considerations of operating within a live retail environment need careful consideration. We have delivered many retail activations and understand all of the practical considerations, and we know a trick or two about the best way to attract attention and encourage participation.

Your customers and their time deserve the very best. Customers conferences should act as both a reward for your audience’s loyalty and a giant sales pitch for you. It’s another opportunity to connect face to face and strengthen relationships. We design and deliver conferences that do just that.