strategy led, results driven

Marketing means many things to many people. Simply put, to us it’s all about fulfilling your customers’ needs.

Tailored strategies underpin each and every campaign. First we work out what your customers really want and back it up with data and analysis. We then deliver through to meticulous project management practices, refining and tweaking as we go.

We love rummaging through our oversized bag of tricks to find the bits needed to create unique solutions. Having trouble reaching your customers and making them listen to what you’re saying?

Your brand’s not standing apart from the competition like it used to? Maybe you’d like a new website, an engaging retail promotion, eye-popping design, sales strategy, or want to reach customers in an innovative way.

Maybe you don’t know what you want. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.

With your objectives taking centre stage, we focus on the end game to give each business problem a plan of attack. We create integrated strategies that trigger change and deliver real results.

Good campaigns know their product and customers inside out. Cuckoo’s research abilities and unique strategies combine like Voltron for unstoppable campaigns. We like to challenge ourselves and push our boundaries with every campaign to make sure things are distinctive and fresh, and above all, impactful.

It might seem somewhat old school, but a mailing list is still an effective form of communication and the rarity of receiving something in the mail has definitely increased its value. We can help you build, maintain and grow your mailing list while ensuring it delivers quality content of benefit to your customers.

Social media can provide unmatched opportunity to connect with your target audience, but it can be dangerous if misused. To save us needing to use our crisis management skills, best you leave the posting to us. Social media makes you more available to your customers. It’s a good thing, but with that comes an expectation of service and information via those channels. To make sure this is done correctly, call Cuckoo.

Once we have developed your marketing plan, we can take the manual work out of its delivery to save you time. Mail-outs, social media advertisements/posts, and various other digital campaigns can be automated to allow you more time to handle the business they bring in.

Need to set-up a web platform for payments or online store? Reach a wider audience by offering your services online and reap the benefits. Cuckoo can set all of this up and manage it for you. Coupled with our marketing services, the only thing you need to worry about is where to go on vacation.

Every single client will read every word of your annual report.

That isn’t even remotely true. But despite the snore-factor reputation of an annual report, the information they contain is interesting and valuable. We can curate your annual report to ensure that it effectively meets legislative requirements while not missing out on the branding opportunity that it offers.

Need help winning that bid? Writing your next Market Lead Proposal? You might think your business proposal documents need a bid writer, but what you really need is a strategy team. It’s all about convincing potential clients that your solution is better than all the others, and you’re the right people to do business with. Cuckoo can help you create a proposal that wins over to your audience through micro-targeting – when you properly understand the motivations and underlying drivers of the human being who is making the decision and target your content accordingly, it’s a formula for success.

A good website is more than how it looks; it is also how it works. We can give you a functional website that your customers will want to visit, be informed by, and most importantly, find easily in the search pages.