Can you survive on word-of-mouth alone?

The short answer is no. What!? A blog that answers the initial question in the first line and doesn’t make you read all the way through to the call to action at the end? Crazy right!? Make sure you tell all of your friends how crazy we are. WHY IS THE SHORT ANSWER NO THOUGH? […]

11 ways to measure social media ROI

Social media is so ingrained in our everyday lives it’s difficult to remember what it was like before it existed. No news feeds to check, no pop up notifications and no post likes! With approximately 70% of the total Australian population active on Facebook, and 1 in 2 Australian’s watching Youtube social media has been […]

Social Media Influencers – are they really worth it?

If you’re reading this post it’s almost guaranteed that you’re a social media user and undoubtedly you’re following at least one (or many more) social media “influencers”. From Hollywood celebrities to small town gals (& guys) who have amassed millions of followers influencers are becoming a popular component of the social media marketing mix. So […]

Businesses are social too

It was immediately obvious how B2C businesses could use social media to their advantage – fun, relatable and informal content that was well, social in tone. It took a while for the B2B world to find their niche, but boy, has that changed. B2B social media strategists have more than come to the party with […]

Media monitoring and why your business needs it

It’s just about impossible to follow every mention of your business in the media these days. Why? Because the ‘media’ as we know it, is a growing number of public channels available for all to see 24/7 worldwide. It sounds daunting because it is! Setting up Google News Alerts isn’t going to cut it anymore. […]

3 simple ways to start having more conversations with your customers

Do we ever really know what our customers are thinking? If your answer is yes, my guess is you invest a tonne of money in ongoing market research – both online and offline to stay on top of changing customer behaviours, expectations and perceptions. Or, you have a dedicated contact centre with customer service representatives […]

Content Marketing – what it is and why you need it

Content marketing is pretty much what it sounds like right? Using content to market your business. But isn’t that what we’ve been doing? But what is content exactly? And where do you ‘market’ it? Answering these questions depends on a couple of things – who your market is (customer personas unique to your business) and […]

7 tips for improving Facebook engagement

Still ranked as the number 1 social media platform, Facebook has amassed 1.7 billion monthly users with 15 million users in Australia alone. By now, it’s more than likely you have a Facebook page for your business but you might be wondering whether it’s actually driving traffic let alone converting sales. Given that most of […]

11 tips for perfect pinning on Pinterest

While Pinterest may be completely addictive to those who love it; spending hours curating boards for everything from home ideas to wedding plans, is it actually a useful social media tool for your business? The answer is yes. Ranking higher than Instagram, Pinterest is the 5th most popular social networking site. So, it’s worth considering […]

Social Media – so how much is too much?

Social Media is a constantly changing mix of channels that bring new and exciting opportunities to connect with your customers, your people and the all-important new business prospects. But, how much is too much? How many channels? How many posts per day? Or is it posts per week? Or (eek!) posts per hour? Just about […]