Eifers Concrete Strategic Review & Branding Project

The Client

Eifers Concrete


March – Present

The Project

Eifers Concrete started out as a small, family owned, single-digger construction company. The business grew rapidly as they embraced technology and were one of the only companies in Australia to supply an innovative product called CTS Rapid Set Construction Cement which can achieve the same strength that regular concrete achieves in 7 days in just 5 hours. Everyone wants this product as there is nothing more boring (or expensive, in the construction game) than watching concrete dry, are we right people? Eifers needed a strategic review of their business to set them up for continued growth. Along with the review, Eifers needed a new branding package inclusive of a new name, website and digital assets to really cement their place in the industry. Pun VERY MUCH intended. Eifers pride themselves on being at the forefront of innovative technology in the concrete world and their image needed to reflect that, so the focus of our work was defining the strategic direction to enable them to meet their full potential.

The Interesting Bit

Our first task was a strategic review for the business. We investigated the current state of the company and the market, including its potential for growth. When detailing this, we looked at the competition, the customers and the external political, economic, technological and societal factors that impacted the business. The biggest thing we discovered was the incorrect messaging and positioning of what the company was. Eifers thought they sold concrete; we determined that they were actually selling time. Eifers Concrete will save you time on your project, and in turn, dollars on the budget. This is the benefit of purchasing their product. We looked at the features, advantages, and benefits of the product and ran both a PEST and SWOT analysis on the business as a whole. The idea behind all of this is to identify new value-creating opportunities within the business to get the most out of their products and services. We created both a mission and vision statement as well as unique characteristics for the brand, along with customer profiles to identify who needed to be targeted with marketing and communications and in what way. As a result of shifting their products’ messaging, we also changed who it was they were selling to. We determined that building site managers weren’t the people who would be deciding to purchase their product, quantity surveyors are. With this in mind, we designed a new tactical campaign that would appeal to the new customer. The other side of this was branding. They needed a new name, new identity, and new visuals. We offered recommendations on which areas the company should throw a little money at, system and infrastructure upgrades, staff education opportunities and partnership suggestions. We put together an action plan and budget to help tweak Eifers product architecture and pricing models. We created a marketing plan to get all of this out there and are working with them currently on a range of new business strategies including their first sales/demo event. Cuckoo was able to identify something that changed the way Eifers thought about their business. As a result, we have seen some new customers early on, the beginnings of a growth which we look forward to expanding on in the future.

The Results

  • A clearly defined marketing strategy that will constantly guide marketing activity.
  • New branding that reflects and reinforces the values of the organisation which has led to greater customer confidence in the business
  • New digital collateral so they always maintain a consistent and professional presence
  • New customers attributing their interest to “what they read on the website”