ENGIE Australia & New Zealand Customer & Brand Review

The Client

ENGIE Australia & New Zealand


October – November 2018

The Project

A range of different brand positions, business cultures and customer profiles characterise the ENGIE Australia & New Zealand portfolio of businesses. ENGIE Australia & New Zealand is seeking to create value and capitalise upon its portfolio of operations, by more completely addressing the needs of customers, through an integrated approach to products and services. ENGIE is building the scale of its business through integration, improved offer value and by creating improved customer experiences. Central to the effort has been the need to identify and articulate a clear and unifying market position for the ENGIE brand in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, the review sought to improve the understanding of the range of customer profiles that exist across the sectors within the business, and the dynamics that drive that customer behaviour. Finally, the review highlighted gaps within the business that were impeding achievement of its top-level objectives. These gaps provided commentary on issues such as internal culture, systems, organisational structure, sales and market development processes and current brand dynamics. All identified gaps have been supported with high-level strategic recommendations.

The Interesting Bit

Cuckoo Creative was able to effectively discover, review and analyse a broad range of opinions and business practices across ENGIE. Understanding the nuances of the business dynamics at the local level was key to accessing vital and informative feedback from stakeholders. That information became central to the identification of gaps within the business and the proposal of corrective strategy. In addition, the combination of both written research instruments and intense stakeholder focus sessions proved to be a powerful process in identifying key issues and opportunities for the business. Despite the diversity of businesses within the ENGIE Australia & New Zealand Group, one issue was consistently observed. There did not exist a clear understanding of ENGIE’s vision for the future. In situations where several acquisitions have occurred, it is vital that team members understand the business; what it is doing and why it is doing it. It is this understanding that provides for aligned and appropriate decision making throughout the business. The project itself and the Cuckoo Creative team was able to signal and communicate the organisation’s commitment to unite the businesses in the ENGIE Australia & New Zealand group.

The Results

  • The report provides important and informative insights on ENGIE’s brand in the Australian and New Zealand market, and improved understanding of the customer base and customer target.
  • Cuckoo Creative has also provided a comprehensive review of ENGIE Australia & New Zealand that identifies more than twenty primary business gaps. Within each primary gap a number of issues have been identified for consideration. The report also provides insight on corrective actionable strategies.
  • The report delivers more than a review of current conditions. It offers to ENGIE a foundation and high-level plan for transitioning the business, and capitalising upon its unique position in the market.
  • ENGIE has already prioritised its strategic focus using the review as a guide and has begun addressing some of the key issues identified in the report.