Just Bag Tags Brand Review

The Client

Just Bag Tags


2015 – current

The Project

Just Bag Tags is a relatively young company based in Melbourne who create customised plastic tags for use on luggage, school bags, etc. They approached Cuckoo to help brand and promote their business from day one. We undertook a strategic review, looking at the target audience and pricing while creating content from a design perspective and constructing an e-commerce website. As any smart business does, Just Bag Tags have requested a regular brand review to ensure that they stay relevant and competitive and Cuckoo is responsible for the management of this task and the overall business identity. We manage the marketing budget, social media, content development, branding and production and maintenance of the website.

The Interesting Bit

Just Bag Tags was primarily focused on single retail sale, one customer buying one tag. We noticed that there was a gap in the market for family or group purchasing for holidays and events. For example, perhaps your next hen’s night or buck’s party requires attendees to be identified with a VIP lanyard that contains tasteful imagery of firemen or other similar calendar genres? We widened the potential customer audience to corporate events and travel agencies, anywhere that may require some form of identification and might like it to be better than boring. On top of this, we have identified some niche markets and have created direct marketing campaigns and fundraising opportunities to help the brand and customer base grow. For a bit of fun, we like to do some guerrilla-style marking campaigns. An example of this was the personalised bag tag that we sent to Lord Sebastian Coe offering to help the British Olympic team should they ever find themselves in a confusing luggage debacle again.

The Results

  • Our work with Just Bag Tags is an excellent example of how taking a strategic approach that is continually maintained can help raise a business profile.
  • In the second year, the business saw a 400 percent growth, and they are continuing this for the current year as we are gearing up to do a site rebuild and some exciting new brand changes and campaigns.
  • For anyone interested in some bag tags of their own, head over to Just Bag Tags website and grab a fireman tag of your very own!