Selfcare Marketing Strategy and Brand Launch

The Client



June 2015

The Project

Selfcare Pty Ltd approached Cuckoo to assist in the marketing strategy and brand launch of a new mattress brand. To successfully do this, an in-depth review of the mattress industry and potential competitors needed to be undertaken. When launching a new brand, research is vital. You need to know how best to position yourself for success, and the most effective way to determine that is by understanding your market. To do this, we planned the following deliverables to make sure our investigations were thorough:
  • Market Research
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Research into Customer Segments & Channels
  • Brand Identity and Positioning Review
  • Integrated Marketing Plan
The next important step is the brand launch. Putting together a marketing framework that ensures potential customers know that your product is available and worth considering. In this particular case, we were working with a blank canvas, a brand that had no prior word-of-mouth or examples of quality, so it was important that we told their story in an educational and interesting way.

The Interesting Bit

When launching brands or creating marketing frameworks, Cuckoo has a very comprehensive process that we undertake:
  1. Investigate
  2. Analyse
  3. Define
  4. Position
  5. Plan
As part of this, we conducted an extensive desk and market research study to create the right strategy for Selfcare. We not only investigated the market but researched the importance of the product in everyday consumer lives. It’s a mattress, everybody needs one, but the right mattress can be the difference between good and bad quality of life. We researched the biggest competitors in the mattress market and looked into the digital landscape of mattress shopping as well as the science behind behavioral economics. Next, it was the creation of the brand itself, we suggested the best names based on intelligent, searchable terms relevant to the industry, and considered the offers and taglines of Selfcare’s future opposition. Finally, brand positioning. How we were going to make consumers take notice of this new player? It would be by creating an easy, beneficial purchasing experience that would generate that positive word-of-mouth that every new business craves. We delved into the benefits and features of the product, planned the customer journey, and detailed the various channels that would spread the word about this fantastic new brand. When launching a new brand, we cover all the bases. From visual identity and campaign goals, all the way down to the URL, Cuckoo ensure that every detail is considered and maximised to position your product for success.

The Results

  • The client was excited about having a strategic path laid out for them that considered many factors that they had never considered themselves, one that carved out a niche in the cluttered mattress market and outlined a considered and systematic approach for targeting customers
  • A brand name was developed that gave personality to the brand and a killer URL for maximising brand awareness
  • A fully integrated marketing plan was created that allowed the client to adjust activity and spend throughout the launch and evolution of the brand