Southern Cross Station’s Big Bid to Government

The Client

Southern Cross Station


June 2016

The Project

We first got involved with Southern Cross Station to put together some simple infographics. After the initial meeting, we realised they could utilise more of our skillset, and this led to the creation of the Cuckoo Big Bid movement idea. Southern Cross Station found themselves with a little dilemma, albeit a good dilemma to have. The original design and plan of the station was so good that they exceeded their proposed patronage by three to one. This led to a need for development to accommodate all the extra traffic. To achieve this, a proposal needed to be approved by government before any changes could go ahead. The station is about ten years old and the original plan gave it a lifespan of roughly thirty years. The projection of usage for the project assumed around 50 million people using the location every year with a peak of about 30 thousand people per hour. At this point, the station has exceeded this with approximately 65 million patrons per year. A large-scale project such as this involves a lot of different departments. From architects and engineers to accountants and other consultants, the proposal needed to explicitly state the plans for the upgrade while accommodating and managing all these different divisions. The primary goal was a document that made sense and could be approved with efficiency.

The Interesting Bit

Our original involvement in this project was some creative input and communications, but after a couple of meetings, we graduated to managing the entire document including creative and communications control. Considering this was a little different to a standard tender based approach it was necessary for us to work with varying levels of government to understand their requirements. We developed a double-width A3 flat-fold desktop presentation which offered the basic concept without the mess of compliance and finance information in there to confuse things. This gave stakeholders a quick, easy to absorb document that resulted in the minister for transport claiming it was the most professionally delivered proposal she had ever seen!

The Results

  • Proposal documents such as these are often pretty boring. Ours was exciting enough that newspapers took notice.
  • We have had several referrals from consultants who were involved with this project for a range of others.
  • We have continued to work with Southern Cross Station in the realms of marketing, branding and digital and hope to continue to be involved with the station upgrade as it progresses.
  • We’ve taken a fair step up from simple infographics and are proud to be part of their team.