7 reasons June is a great month for organising your Christmas party

  1. Last minute planning for your Christmas party is miserable – you’ll need to search twice as hard for a half as good venue.  Even now, some of the best spots will be pre-booked.  But never fear, you’ll still be miles ahead of all those last minuters…
  2. So close to the beginning of the financial year, the budgets are fat and juicy, so you just might be able to get Santa to deliver little blue boxes in that helicopter, just like you always wanted.  Well, maybe not, but if you get the spend approved early you’re sure to be better off.
  3. Diaries are actually looking pretty clear in December right now for the families of your team…but come November, all those pesky school concerts and family reunions will have been scheduled in and taking up all the best spots.  Get in early and make life harder for someone else!
  4. You’ve got time to do some market research – this celebration should be one to remember for your team, so you can actually ask people what they want to do rather than hashing it together last minute.  Partners or no partners?  Kids or no kids?  Weeknight or weekend?  The choice can be theirs.
  5.  You can shop around to get a great deal.  Even during this busy season, there are deals to be had, especially for the early bird.  And if you are prepared to accept a Monday or Tuesday night or something a little off the beaten track, you’ll find great availability and pricing.
  6. You’ve got plenty of time to promote the event internally and build the excitement to make it something really special.  You could start planning a theme, or awards presentations and invite submissions from the team.
  7. Expert event planners like Cuckoo Creative still have good availability of resources to take on the management of your event and create something truly special.  Get in touch now and we can get started!