Content Marketing – what it is and why you need it

Content marketing is pretty much what it sounds like right? Using content to market your business. But isn’t that what we’ve been doing? But what is content exactly? And where do you ‘market’ it? Answering these questions depends on a couple of things – who your market is (customer personas unique to your business) and […]

Logo Design Processes – Don’t just try and wing it

The visual identity of your business is often the first port of call for your clients. It’s make or break stuff. If you miss the mark you’ll likely be waving goodbye to business. The ultimate goal of a logo is instant recognition. It needs to be memorable and simplicity is an important factor in achieving […]

Building Big Strong Brands

Few people who have kids would argue that parenting is easy.  It takes constant, hard work and lots of it.  It’s not a set and forget scenario, it takes continuous supervision and monitoring, evaluation and negotiation. The same goes for your brand.  And many brand managers, marketers and business owners will, quite rightly, see their […]

The 7 most common Instagram mistakes

While Instagram is easy and fun to use, not having a clear strategy is likely to end up with mediocre results and disengagement of your customers and loyal followers. With 300 million daily users, Instagram is definitely worth the time and effort and presents a great opportunity to market your products and engage with your […]

It’s all about the numbers baby.

Let’s face it, as business people who are in the business of selling and marketing we spend most of our time asking ourselves different versions of the same two questions; How can I get more customers/revenue? Why can’t I find enough time to dedicate to selling/marketing/nurturing? Along the same line most of us have heard […]

Top 11 LinkedIn hacks – get more from your company page

So you set up your company page on LinkedIn and you maybe post and share here and there but, where’s the new business opportunities, employee engagement and recruitment benefits you’ve heard so much about? In short, what’s the big deal? Here are 11 easy (and mostly free) ideas for getting you more out of your […]

Why white space is critical in good design

Balance, harmony, elegance, professionalism, promoting a clear message… These are the words coming to mind when I think of the use of white space in graphic design. But before we continue down the path of white space, let’s take a quick detour into the topic of what is good graphic design. Good graphic design. Not […]

Six steps to a killer e-newsletter strategy

The boss calls you into her office one morning. She’s concerned about the fragmented and random way that the business is communicating with customers. With all best intents, the sales guys are doing their own thing, operations are sending a few emails en-masse to fix common issues, and senior management are giving heads-ups to big […]