Planning the right Christmas party for your team

History: Do you do the same predictable party, year after year? Can you place bets on when Steve from accounts will start to think he’s Tina Turner? If so, is it a tradition your team would be sad to see go, or are they completely over it?  The answers to these questions might give you some clues for your Christmas Party planning this year..

Ask away: Like with any project, it’s wise to understand the needs and desires of your target audience.  Don’t second guess it, use an online survey to find out – we use and recommend Survey Monkey. It’s excellent for simple surveys, it’s free, and you’ll get some great insights.

Your goals: Sure, you want to thank the team for their hard work, but you might have an organisational need as well.  Different events can have very different outcomes.

A great night out: Perfect for team building.  Give your team the opportunity to relax in a new setting and really get to know each other.  They can find common ground never discovered over coffee by the photocopier.

You could do something memorable, like a meal in a top restaurant, karaoke, or a river cruise?  Perhaps dinner with a view, or something simple like a counter meal and a band?

Ask their partners: By introducing a new dynamic to the group, friendships can be made and connections can be built. Something this simple can demonstrate to the team how valued they are, which in turn increases satisfaction and loyalty.  How about drinks and a theatre show?  For larger companies you could create a spectacular event in an iconic city venue.  For smaller companies, booking a private room in a restaurant may suit the bill, or extend it out to a weekend winery tour.

Bring the family: A corporate family day can be a lovely way to reward your team for a great year.  Don’t forget, the core reason most of these people are fronting up day in, day out, is to provide for their loved ones.  These guys are important, so show your staff that you care about their family too. Think balloon artists, face painters, jumping castles, show bags, pony rides, moonlight cinema, special guest appearances – from Scooby Doo to Peppa Pig to Santa Claus. Make it a day to remember and the kids will be counting down the days til next year.

Overwhelmed? There are hundreds of alternatives, and you are only limited by your own imagination.  If you are struggling on that front, then get in touch and we’d be more than happy to organise it for you.  We have plenty of experience in devising team building events, corporate family days and staff Christmas celebrations for companies large and small.  We can take care of it, so you can get back to focusing on whatever it is you really should be doing.