The importance of solid tech infrastructure on your website

So your brand new business website is up & running. You’ve got a fairly cheap hosting solution with a bundled domain name, web space and email and you did not burn a hole in your pocket. All is well, you can go on managing your business without worrying about your website. After all, once it […]

If x then y, the automation of everything

The other day as I wandered around Melbourne International airport I felt a little uneasy by just how many apps and other online platforms served up content relevant to my upcoming trip. My banking application popped up with a notification asking me if I wanted to register my overseas travel, opening Google on my phone […]

Virtual Reality. Are we there yet?

Every year for the past 10 years, I’ve heard that Virtual Reality will be the next big thing. Brands today want their consumers to have immersive experiences and I can’t think of anything more immersive than VR. So why hasn’t VR gone mainstream yet, and will VR actually be the next big thing in the […]