Virtual Reality. Are we there yet?

Every year for the past 10 years, I’ve heard that Virtual Reality will be the next big thing. Brands today want their consumers to have immersive experiences and I can’t think of anything more immersive than VR. So why hasn’t VR gone mainstream yet, and will VR actually be the next big thing in the immediate future?

I’m certain that VR will be big in the future. I mean, why not be in your computer game rather than looking at it? Or if you didn’t get tickets to see your favourite band live, why not attend the concert live in virtual reality?

This month saw the opening of Melbourne’s very own Virtual Reality café ‘That VR Joint’ in Smith Street, a mix of arcade and café. Here you can slay zombies or shoot robots for breakfast and if violent gaming isn’t your cup of tea, then you might enjoy a trip to space, swimming with sharks or exploring ancient ruins all over the world.

If you look for it then there’s a lot of cool brands with amazing VR experiences out there, check out this game by CCP called ‘Disc Wars’ or the National Geographic walk through Yosemite National Park narrated by President Obama himself. Or if you feel like being creative then ‘Tilt Brush’ might be your thing.

I believe there currently exists a VR experience for you no matter what your interest, it’s simply a matter of access. If you have a spare 10 dollars, then do yourself a favour and buy a Google Cardboard set. Google Cardboard is a DIY VR kit that works in conjunction with your smartphone and probably the cheapest way to experience VR. Take yourself for a walk wherever you want on the planet with Google 360 maps or be in one of the many 360 You Tube videos. In my opinion it’s money well spent.

Is virtual reality there yet? No it’s definitely not and it will probably still be another couple of years before VR will become an integrated part of our everyday experience.  One thing is for sure though, the next couple of years will be very exciting for the VR world and if you haven’t already had a VR experience then now is the right time to do it.