The age of the podcast – Is it right for your business?

Google has done it again. They love to make life easier and for all you podcast listeners out there, they’re serving up something special for you.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but just the other week Google added podcasts to their Search feature. Meaning that when you search for a podcast about any given topic, related episodes will be right there on your search results page. Soon the word ‘podcast’ won’t even be needed. Impressive huh?!

This easy access feature will only fuel the flame on the podcasts fire that’s spreading across the globe. Meaning it’s time to up your podcast game.

The podcast idea has been around for sometime, but they’ve sure grown in popularity of late, particularity as smartphones have taken over the world. Crazy stat – but over 3 billion people have a smartphone. Right at your fingertips, a quick search for your podcast of choice and bob’s your uncle. Even easier if you ask Google Assistant. Along with the Google Podcasts App, it will use a recommendation algorithm to find a podcast you’ll enjoy based on your listening habits. Sit back, relax and let Google do the heaving lifting (searching I mean).

The potential reach is incredible when you crunch the numbers and opportunity is key – listening in the car, on a morning run, or just cleaning the house, people can listen to a podcast so much easier than watching video content or reading your material. It doesn’t require sit down focus, just a space of time to listen. So, your task then is to make something worth listening to.

Along with the awesome potential reach podcasts offer, there’s huge brand benefits.

Podcasts give your company a voice, literally a voice, either yours or an employee’s, but all the same, a physical voice that has tone and expression. That’s something hard to get via written words or images alone. It creates an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with customers, as they’ll feel more connected with the brand, which will potentially build loyalty.

As well, we think you’ll find the experience of recording quite liberating. There is freedom to express your thoughts on a topic rather than fit them into 1,000 words. That word block will be no more, the words will pour out with passion.

Podcasts are also pretty easy to make. Yeah, there’s some equipment you need, a good recorder for quality sound, but apart from that, the only other requirement really is a quiet space. It’s way more manageable to achieve a clean recording than to create quality video content. Also, it’s amazing how you can speak to the most confident person but put them in front of a camera and that confidence is gone. Podcasts are far less intimidating to make, so more people are likely to be willing to get involved.

There’s also more content to gain from your podcast than just the episode. Transcribe each ep so you can repurpose the content across social media, EDMs, your blog; even a book could be a possibility. If it’s good content, why not use it. We use an awesome program for all our transcribing jobs, Rev. Best part is, it’s only a dollar a minute.

All a bit too much too soon? An easier approach could be advertising your company around other podcasts readily available. Spotify recently announced that businesses can target listeners on the type of podcasts they listen to, availing advertisers more specific targeting opportunities and offering an easy way to start your foray into the magical world of podcasts.

Love the idea but don’t know where to start? Get in touch. We’re always excited to help.