6 Marketing Trends in 2017

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict the future? The only thing that we for certain can predict is that the future is unpredictable and even so we can’t help speculate and guess what will be the next big thing. Here are 6 marketing trends we believe will be dominant in 2017.

  1. Mobile Video

Have a look around you. If you can see any other people, then the likelihood is that some of them are staring at their phone. Back in 2016, we saw Mobile video views overtake desktop views and mobile video continues to grow, showing no signs of stopping in 2017.

  1. Interactive Content

There is content you view and there is content you interact with. Interactive content engages the consumer for longer and is far more effective. Quizzes, assessments, games, calculators, contests, galleries and polls & surveys are all interactive content that have continued to grow in popularity.

  1. Personalised Content

People are bombarded with advertising every day whether they are online or out in the real world. We are slowly becoming immune to all the ads we see, so we need to make advertising much more personal to be able to reach our target audience. Tracking consumers interest, habits and browser history are just a few of the tools marketers are using. In 2017 we will see a lot more personalised content.

  1. Live Video

Livestreaming of big sporting events has always been popular. People want to be in the know and see the action as it unfolds. Live social media video is however still a relatively new thing. Facebook now has a live video function and Instagram has recently launched a new live function that allows users to share live video. Different to Facebook, the Instagram live content will only be available while you are live and not be saved for later watching.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality

VR and AR will get bigger. In 2016 we saw Pokemon Go take over the streets with their augmented reality game. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft continue to invest in VR and AR and, if they believe it’s the next big thing then surely it’s worth keeping an eye on.

  1. Social Media ‘buy’ buttons

Pinterest and Facebook have already introduced the buy buttons which allows consumers to buy a product directly from the social media platform. Why should users go to a 3rd party website or actual shop when you can buy directly from the social media platform where the ad has been served. In 2017 you will notice a lot more instant ‘buy’ buttons popping up on your social media networks.

As marketers it is important to have a finger on the pulse and even be ahead of the curve. If you would like to find of how future marketing trends could benefit your business then talk to us.